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Adaptive Acquisition Framework

There are many pathways for DoD to deliver capabilities.
This tool helps you to select the right pathway and provides you detailed guidance for each.

Urgent Operational Needs Middle-Tier Acquisition Tailorable Traditional Acquisition of Services Defense Business Systems (DBS)

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Urgent Operational Needs

There are four pathways to address Urgent Operational Needs (UON). These capabilities need to be fielded in less than 2 years and are below the cost thresholds of Acquisition Category (ACAT) I and IA programs.

UONs include:

  • Joint Urgent Operational Needs (JUONs) and Joint Emergent Operational Needs (JEONs). These are either an urgent need identified by a Combatant Commander, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), or the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (VCJCS) involved in an ongoing contingency operation (i.e. a JUON) or an emergent need for an anticipated or pending contingency operation (i.e. a JEON).
  • DoD Component-specific UON.
  • A Warfighter Senior Integration Group (SIG)-Identified Urgent Issue. This is a critical warfighter issue, e.g. materiel support to a coalition partner, identified by the Co-Chairs of the Warfighter SIG
  • A Secretary of Defense or Deputy Secretary of Defense Rapid Acquisition Authority (RAA) Determination in response to a documented deficiency following consultation with the Joint Staff.
Middle Tier of Acquisition

Two new acquisition pathways provide the flexibility to rapidly prototype and field capabilities. These programs shall not be subject to JCIDS and DODD 5000.01, however the DoD implementation includes a tailored set of requirements and acquisition processes.

Rapid Prototyping: Rapidly develop fieldable prototypes to demonstrate new capabilities, meet emerging military needs. The objectives are:

  • Field a prototype that can be demonstrated in an operational environment
  • Provide for residual operational capability within 5 years of an approved requirement

Rapid Fielding: Use proven technologies to field production quantities of new or upgraded systems with minimal development required. The objectives are:

  • Begin production within 6 months
  • Complete fielding within 5 years of an approved requirement
Tailorable Traditional

There are six traditional acquisition models in DODI 5000.02.Tailoring each model is strongly encouraged. Most programs following this pathway are defined as Programs of Record with an established acquisition category (ACAT) level based on estimated dollar value and milestone decision authority.

Acquisition of Services

The acquisition of services from private sector entities by or for the DoD with a total estimated acquisition value at or above the simplified acquisition threshold (SAT) in accordance with DODI 5000.74. This includes the acquisition of all advisory and assistance services (A&AS) in support of research and development R&D or construction activities that are categorized within the knowledge based services portfolio group.

This does not apply to:

  • Services that are managed and reviewed as part of major and non-major defense acquisition programs and major and non-major IT acquisition programs, services that meet the Major Automated Information Systems thresholds (to include software as a service), or non-major programs whose primary purpose is to provide capabilities, goods, or systems.
  • Services listed in subpart 37.502 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation.
  • Classified, cryptologic, and intelligence projects and service activities, except to the extent practical at the discretion of senior officials and decision authorities.
  • Services from DoD FFRDCs or DoD UARCs
Defense Business Systems

Business systems are information systems that are operated by, for, or on behalf of the DoD, including: financial systems, financial data feeder systems, contracting systems, logistics systems, planning and budgeting systems, installations management systems, human resources management systems, and training and readiness systems.

A business system does not include a national security system or an information system used exclusively by and within the defense commissary system or the exchange system or other instrumentality of the DoD conducted for the morale, welfare, and recreation of members of the armed forces using non-appropriated funds. DoDI 5000.75 outlines the Business Capability Acquisition Cycle (BCAC) model.

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