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Major Capability Acquisition


Major Capability Acquisition is used to acquire and modernize military unique programs that provide enduring capability.

The details of the Major Capability Acquisition (MCA) pathway will be published with the release of the new DOD Instruction on MCA and the related functional acquisition policies in early 2020. In the interim, DODI 5000.02T is a transitional policy covering the MCA pathway per the previous DODI 5000.02 policy. 


Reference Source: DoDI 5000.02 Section 1.4

[DODI 5000.02] lays the groundwork for operation of the AAF, which is part of the DAS described in DoDD 5000.01. DoDI 5000.02 will eventually cancel the January 7, 2015 version of DoDI 5000.02; that version has been renumbered DoDI 5000.02T (Transition) to establish a distinction between the two issuances.

  • DoDI 5000.02T will remain in effect, with content removed as it is cancelled or transitions to a new issuance, as shown in Table 1.
  • Each new or reissued acquisition policy document listed in Table 1 will clearly state the content from DoDI 5000.02T it incorporates and cancels. Issuances identified with lettered extensions, e.g., “5000.UG,” are currently in the development process.
  • After each issuance’s publication, DoDI 5000.02T will be administratively updated to remove the cancelled material and the Summary of Changes will state the title and number of the issuance replacing it.
  • Those parts of DoDI 5000.02T that are cancelled without replacement will be formally coordinated in accordance with DoDI 5025.01 and their cancellation similarly documented.
  • When the AAF realignment is complete, an administrative change to this issuance will cancel DoDI 5000.02T.

Table 1.  Relationship of DoDI 5000.02T and New Policy

DoDI 5000.02T, Operation of
the Defense Acquisition System

Associated New Policy (Issuances with Lettered Extensions in Development)

Core Acquisition Policy (Paragraph 6, Procedures)

DoDI 5000.UG, “Major Capability Acquisition”

Enclosure 1.  Acquisition Program Categories and Compliance Requirements

 — Information Requirements Tables

·   DoDI 5000.UG, “Major Capability Acquisition”

·   Tables authorized by DoDI 5000.UG will be posted on the AAF website

Enclosure 2.  Program Management

·   DoDI 5000.UG, “Major Capability Acquisition”

·   DoDI 5010.44, “Intellectual Property,” October 16, 2019 has replaced “IP Strategy” (formerly Paragraph 6.a.(4))

Enclosure 3.  Systems Engineering

DoDI 5000.UJ, “Engineering”

·   Enclosure 4.  Developmental Test and Evaluation (DT&E)

·   Enclosure 5.  Operational and Live Fire Test and Evaluation (OT&E and LFT&E)

DoDI 5000.UF, “Test and Evaluation (T&E)”

Enclosure 6.  Life-Cycle Sustainment

DoDI 5000.UG, “Major Capability Acquisition”

Enclosure 7.  Human Systems Integration (HSI)

Under Secretary of  Defense for Personnel and Readiness issuance in development

Enclosure 8.  Affordability Analysis and Investment Constraints

Replaced by direction in Section 807 of Public Law 114-328

Enclosure 9.  Analysis of Alternatives (AoA)

Necessary information is in DoDD 5105.84 and the Defense Acquisition Guidance.  Removal of this enclosure is in progress.

Enclosure 10.  Cost Estimating and Reporting

Necessary guidance is available in DoDI 5000.73, “Cost Analysis Guidance and Procedures.”  Removal of this enclosure is in progress.

Enclosure 11.  Requirements Applicable to All Programs Containing Information Technology (IT)

DoDI 5000.UH, “Acquisition of Information Technology”

Enclosure 13.  Urgent Capability Acquisition

DoDI 5000.81, “Urgent Capability Acquisition”

Enclosure 14.  Cybersecurity in the Defense Acquisition System

·   Under Secretary of  Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment (USD(A&S)) DoDI 5000.CS, Cybersecurity

·   Under Secretary of  Defense for Research and Engineering (USD(R&E)) technology and program protection issuance in development