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Technology Investment Agreement (TIA) – 32 CFR Part 37

Technology Investment Agreement (TIA)

TIAs are an instrument used to stimulate or support research by increasing involvement of commercial firms in DOE research, development and demonstration (RD&D) programs. TIAs can be executed as:

  • A cooperative agreement with flexible provisions tailored for involving commercial firms with intellectual property provisions in compliance with DOE intellectual property statutes OR
  • A transaction requiring the Government to retain certain intellectual property rights

Research OTs are used to execute TIAs when the government seeks to retain intellectual property rights that deviate from the Bayh-Dole Act (35 U.S.C. 18  and 37 CFR Part 401) which permits a university, small business, or non-profit institution to pursue ownership of an invention made using government provided funds.


Common Applications

  • Reducing barriers to commercial firms’ participation in defense research to provide access to the broadest possible technology and industrial base
  • Promoting new relationships in defense and commercial sectors
  • Stimulating development, use, and dissemination of improved practices




Fosters best technologies for future defense needs Requires knowledgeable and skilled contracting officer to negotiate and execute
May be expenditure-based or fixed support  



  • Requires authority from SECDEF or Service Secretary
  • Contracting Officer must have Agreement Officer authority to execute
  • Requires substantial Government involvement in technical or management aspects of the project