Adaptive Acquisition Framework

Urgent Capability Acquisition Middle Tier of Acquisition Major Capability Acquisition Software Acquisition Defense Business Systems Acquisition of Services

A set of acquisition pathways to enable the workforce to tailor strategies to deliver better solutions faster.

Integrates the New 5000 Policies

The 5000 series policies were updated to reflect the new set of key tenets of the Defense Acquisition System with new policies for each acquisition pathway and functional area. This AAF website integrates the policies, guides, and resources for the acquisition workforce to navigate their program lifecycle. 

New Acquisition Business Practice

New guidebooks are now available.  These guidebooks were developed to more effectively align with and complement updated acquisition policies. They reflect modern business practice and supersede related Chapter content in the Defense Acquisition Guidebook.

Best Practices Word Map

Tailoring In

Decision authorities and program managers will tailor program strategies and oversight, phase content, the timing and scope of decision reviews, and decision levels based on the characteristics of the capability being acquired, including complexity, risk, and urgency to satisfy user requirements.