Adaptive Acquisition Framework

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A set of acquisition pathways to enable the workforce to tailor strategies to deliver better solutions faster.

“The Adaptive Acquisition Framework will be the most transformational acquisition policy change we’ve seen in decades.”

Ms. Ellen Lord, USD(A&S)

Integrates the New 5000 Policies

The 5000 series policies were updated to reflect the new set of key tenets of the Defense Acquisition System with new policies for each acquisition pathway and functional area. This AAF website integrates the policies, guides, and resources for the acquisition workforce to navigate their program lifecycle. 

Tailoring In

Decision authorities and program managers will tailor program strategies and oversight, phase content, the timing and scope of decision reviews, and decision levels based on the characteristics of the capability being acquired, including complexity, risk, and urgency to satisfy user requirements.

Transformational Change to DOD Acquisition Policy

“This policy embraces the delegation of decision-making tailoring program oversight to minimize unnecessary bureaucratic processes and actively managing risks based on the unique characteristics of the capability being acquired”

– Ms. Ellen Lord, USD(A&S)

DoD's Transformational Adaptive Acquisition Framework

“The goal of the Adaptive Acquisition Framework is to empower innovation and common-sense decision making through the decision-making process, while also maintaining discipline in our practices and procedures.”

– Mr. Kevin Fahey, ASD(Acquisition)

DoD's Next Generation of Government Acquisition

“We decided we didn’t want a one-size fits all approach. Instead, we have developed an Adaptive Acquisition Framework that allows Program Managers to choose the right pathway for the work they are undertaking to deliver their capability to the Warfighter as quickly as possible.”

– Ms. Stacy Cummings, PDASD Acquisition Enablers

The Adaptive Acquisition Framework

“The AAF enables program managers and designated decision makers to move away from the one-size-fits-all model used in the past. The AAF recognizes that every program is unique and needs to be planned and executed based on its individual merits. ”

– Ms. Stacy Cummings, PDASD Acquisition Enablers

"Deliver Performance at the Speed of Relevance"

- National Defense Strategy