Acquisition Policies and Guides

The AAF seeks to integrate the content from the major policies and guides into each of the acquisition pathways.

The following are the policies and guides in their entirety. 

Overarching Policies

DODD 5000.01

The Defense Acquisition System
May 2003

DODI 5000.02

Operation of the Adaptive Acq Framework
Jan 2020

DODI 5000.02T

Operation of the Defense Acquisition System
Jan 2020

CJCSI 5123.01H

Implementation of the JCIDS
Aug 2018

DODD 7045.14

PPBE Process
Aug 2017

JCIDS Manual

Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System
Aug 2018

DoD 7000.14-R

DOD Financial Management Regulation
May 2019

Acquisition Pathway Policies

DODI 5000.81

Urgent Capability Acquisition 
Dec 2019

Interim Policy

Software Acquisition
Jan 2020

DODI 5000.80

Middle Tier of Acquisition
Dec 2019

DODI 5000.75

Defense Business Systems
Jan 2020

DODI 5000.UG

Major Capability Acquisition
Coming soon

DODI 5000.74

Acquisition of Services
Jan 2020

Functional Policies

DODI 5000.XX

Coming Soon

DODI 5000.UE

Mission Engineering
Coming Soon

DODI 5000.XX

Technology and Program Protection
Coming Soon

DODD 5000.71

Rapid Fulfillment of UONs
Aug 2018

DODI 5000.UF

Test and Evaluation
Coming Soon

DODI 5000.73

Cost Analysis Guidance and Procedures
Jun 2015

DODI 5000.UH

Acquisition of Information Technology
Coming Soon

DODI 5000.XX

Human Systems Integration
Coming Soon

DODI 5000.XX

Coming Soon

DODI 5010.44

Intellectual Property
Oct 2019

DODI 5000.UD

Acquisition Intelligence
Coming Soon


WHS Executive Services Directorate

Service and Agency Acquisition Policies

Air Force AFI 63-101

Integrated Lifecycle Management
May 2017

All Air Force Publications

Air Force E-Publishing

Navy SECNAVI 5000.2F

Defense Acquisition System and JCIDS
Mar 2019

All Navy Publications

Navy Instructions

USSOCOM Directive 70-1

Acquisition Management System Policy
Apr 2001

Army Pamphlet 70-3

Army Acquisition Procedures
Sep 2018

All Army Publications

Army Publishing Directorate

Acquisition Guides