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Middle Tier of Acquisition (MTA) Rapid Fielding


This MTA path is to rapidly field production quantities of systems with proven technologies that require minimal development within 5 years.

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Lifecycle View of Rapid Fielding

Requirements Acq Strategy and Documentation Contracting Costs and Funding Entrance MTA Execution Entrance MTA Completion Reporting and Governance System Production and Fielding Test and Demo System O&S Transition Program MTA Planning MTA Execution MTA Completion Exit

Reference Source: DODI 5000.80, Paragraphs 1.2.b, d

The MTA pathway is intended to fill a gap in the DAS for those capabilities that have a level of maturity to allow them to be rapidly prototyped or fielded, within 5 years of program start.  The MTA pathway may be used to accelerate capability maturation before transitioning to another acquisition pathway or may be used to minimally develop a capability before rapidly fielding.


The rapid fielding path provides for the use of proven technologies to field production quantities of new or upgraded systems with minimal development required. The objective of an acquisition program under this path will be to begin production within 6 months and complete fielding within 5 years of the MTA program start date. MTA program production start date will not exceed 6 months after MTA program start date without DAE waiver. MTA programs may not be planned to exceed 5 years to completion and, in execution, will not exceed 5 years after MTA program start without DAE waiver.

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