The following tenets are considered when the acquisition strategy is being reviewed in accordance with PGI 237.102-76, Review criteria for the acquisition of services:

Tenet 1 – Acquisition Strategy (Approach):

  • Reflects requirement objectives
  • Explains the services acquisition should-cost
  • Leverages spend data to arrive at strategic sourcing solutions for the enterprise being supported
  • Incorporates strategic contracting tools
  • Is developed prior to issuance of a solicitation (amended as applicable)
  • Is adhered to throughout the performance.

Tenet 3 – Period of Performance:

  • Contract performance periods of an appropriate length should be set in order to:
    • Be consistent with technological dependence
    • Employ industry standards
    • Allow sufficient time to reclaim requirement ownership (in cases with an acquisition history of a single provider) such that fair competition can occur

Tenet 4 – Appropriate Contract Type:

  • Employ CLIN and pricing structures that are appropriate for the acquisition situation.

Tenet 5 – Small Business (SB) and Socio-Economic Considerations:

  • Small Business Concerns are a viable and valuable resource within the U.S. economy’s industrial base
  • Provide the maximum practicable opportunities in DoD’s acquisitions to SBs and the following SB Socio-Economic Categories, encouraging opportunities to increase competition, requirement awareness, and contract awards:
    • Small Business
    • Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB)
    • 8(a) Program
    • Historically Underutilized Business Zone Small Business (HUBZone)
    • Veteran-owned Small Business (VOSB)
    • Service-disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)
    • Women-owned Small Business (WOSB)
    • Economically Disadvantaged Women-owned Small Business (EDWOSB)

Tenet 6 – Participation Decision Points:

  • Create decision points (on and off ramps) for those service acquisitions with longer periods of performance and multiple award contracts to ensure the Government has a qualified pool of contractors who can provide continuous service throughout the life of the contract.

Tenet 7 – Competition:

  • Requirements should be articulated in order to receive maximum competition throughout the life of the contract with meaningful competition orders
  • Evaluation factors are tied to key requirements

Tenet 8 – Objective Incentives:

  • Objective criteria will be used, whenever possible, to measure contract performance
  • Where objective criteria exist, the most appropriate contract type would be a multiple incentive type contract containing both incentive and award fee criteria

In accordance with DoDI 5000.74 Enclosure 5, paragraph 4(b) (DoDI 5000.74, Enc. 5, sec. 4), the SRRB approval will be documented in the acquisition plan utilizing agency procedures for documenting the requirement approval within the acquisition plan. Acquisition Strategies are sent to DPAP for review and approval for requirements with a total value of $1 billion or more if OUSD(AT&L) is the Decision Authority.