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As of 19 May 2023

Number of SWP Programs


Air Force

  • All Domain Common Platform (ADCP)
  • Air Operations Center (AOC)
  • Cloud-Based Command and Control (CBC2)
  • Command & Control Incident Management & Emergency Response Application (C2IMERA)
  • Cryptographic Enterprise Management (CEM)
  • Integrated Defensive Cyberspace System (IDCS)
  • Joint Cyber Command and Control (JCC2)
  • Modeling and Simulation (Mod & Sim)
  • National Leadership Command Capability (NLCC) Decision Support Service (DSS)
  • Strategic Mission Planning and Analysis (SEMPS)
  • Targeting and GEOINT (T&G)
  • Unified Platform (UP)
  • WARPspeed
  • Weather Data Analysis (WDA) Increment 5

Space Force

  • Evolved Strategic SATCOM Ground Resilient Integration & Framework for Operational Nuclear Command, Control and Communications (ESS GRIFFON)
  • Space Electromagnetic Warfare Operating Location (SEWOL)


  • Army Integrated Air and Missile Defense (AIAMD)
  • CBRN Support to Command and Control (CSC2)
  • Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Tactical Proficiency Trainer (IEWTPT) Increment 2
  • Joint Common Access Program (JCAP)
  • One World Terrain (OWT)
  • Robotics and Autonomous Command and Control (RAC2)
  • Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) ***Vignette: MTA and SWP Hybrid Acquisition Approach***
  • Scalable Control Interface (SCI)
  • Training Simulation Software/Training Management Tool (TSS/TMT)


  • Case Execution Management Initiative (CEMI)
  • Distributed Common Ground Station- Navy (DCGS-N)
  • Electronic Procurement System (ePS)
  • Force Level Integration (FLINT)
  • Integrated Combat System (ICS)
  • Maritime Tactical Command and Control (MTC2)
  • Naval Court Martial Reporting System (NCORS)
  • Naval Integrated Tactical Environmental System-Next Generation (NITES-Next)
  • Navy Cyber Situational Awareness (NCSA)
  • Real Time Spectrum Operations (RTSO)

Marine Corps

  • Joint Cyber Weapons (JCW)
  • Live, Virtual, Constructive – Training Environment (LVC-TE)
  • Marine Corps Training Information Management System 2.0 (MCTIMS 2.0)
  • Strategic Management Decision Support (SMDS)


    • Distributed Common Ground Surface System – SOF (DCGS-SOF)
    • Global Analytics Platform (GAP)
    • Mission Command System/Common Operating Picture (MCS/COP)
    • SOF Digital Ecosystems (SOF DE)
    • Special Operations Mission Planning and Execution (SOMPE)


      • Modernization and Analytics Initiative (MAI)


      • National Background Investigation System (NBIS)
      • Security Education and Training System (SETS)


      • Medical Common Operating Picture (Med-COP)
      • Operational Medicine Data Service (OMDS)


      • Electromagnetic Battle Management (EMBM)


      • Catapult
      • Mission Assurance Risk Management System (MARMS)


      • Consolidated Air Mobility Planning System Increment 1 (CAMPS 1)
      Software Policy Alliance

      Team of Teams

      Key Partners: Unity of Effort for National Security

      • Core Fusion Cell supporting larger Software Alliance; grow into deadly-effective network; achieve more together than alone
      • More Connections = More Collective Problem-Solving
      • More Connections = More Critical Feedback

      Why you?

      • You are empowered and Front Line for the acquisition community
      • You are closest to problem

      What will we do?

      • Enable successful SWP execution and longevity
      • Focus on solving pain points/problems
      • Prioritize and attack enterprise backlog of SWP impediments
      • Ask USD and SAE as needed for top cover & empowerment

      Competitive advantage of an alliance / network?

      • Connecting key influencers to co-develop smarter, bureaucracy-busting guidance & decision support for MAJCOMs and PEOs
      • Rapid info-flow unhampered by bureaucracy and silos

      Fusion Cells rapidly acquire, interpret, and distribute actionable information to acquisition units and personnel closest to the problem.  We turn raw data into effective action as quickly as possible.


            Common purpose, shared consciousness, trust, and empowered execution. 

            Bias for Action.

      A&S and the SW Modernization Senior Steering Group are conducting an outreach campaign to remove PEO impediments and enable adoption of the SWP/DevSecOps.