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Capability Support Phase

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Reference Source: DoDI 5000.75 Sect 4.2.e


During this phase, the functional sponsor manages and governs the business capability and the program manager manages the technical implementation and configuration of the business system.  The objective of this phase is to provide support for the business capability, including continued cybersecurity readiness and enduring support for and appropriate upgrades to the business system.


Phase Description

The functional lead, with the support of the program manager, leads development of capability requirements, business process design and re-engineering, and training for the business system in support of continuous process improvement.


The functional lead and program manager jointly develop and execute tailored capability implementation plans for each new set of capability requirements addressed in this phase.


The functional lead and program manager will continue periodic assessments of opportunities available in the marketplace to determine changes necessary to reduce costs and/or improve efficiencies to maintain the relevance of the capability and the business system.


The program manager will establish and manage cost, schedule, and performance metrics associated with upgrades to the approved baseline.


Capability Support Reviews

Each DoD Component will determine the frequency, content, and format of these reviews and will outline these details in the capability support plan. These reviews can occur at either the program or portfolio level.  The following scenarios may prompt these reviews:

  • Cost growth above the approved baseline;
  • Changes to program requirements; or
  • Upgrades to the business system in response to approved requirements changes.