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Functional Requirements and Acquisition Planning Phase

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Reference Source: DoDI 5000.75, Sect 4.2.c


During this phase, the functional sponsor leads execution of approved business process actions in the capability implementation plan, defines IT functional requirements, and assists the program manager with assessing the overall solution approach (e.g., COTS, GOTS, “aas”, legacy modernization, or new development). Meanwhile, the MDA oversees development of the acquisition strategy. An objective of this phase is to establish the acquisition strategy and identify the capability support approach required to meet the functional requirements.


Phase Description:

Functional requirements describe how the business system will achieve the future business processes.


The program manager engages further with industry (e.g., market research, benchmarking, requests for information, industry days) so that functional requirements reflect the current state of practice and inform the acquisition strategy.  Additional information on functional requirements is included in Appendix 4D.


The appropriate cost agency will support development of alternatives and determination of the solution approach that best fits the needs and organizational goals based on economic analysis in accordance with DoDI 7041.03.


The acquisition strategy included in the capability implementation plan reflects the solution approach and describes how the program manager will identify potential business system solutions and perform solution selection.  Additional information on criteria for potential business system solutions is included in Appendix 4D.


The program manager may, with the approval of the MDA, conduct design specification activities normally conducted after the Acquisition ATP to inform the acquisition strategy.


As appropriate, the program manager will partner with the contracting officer to develop draft request for proposals (RFPs) that align to the acquisition strategy for the contract actions that follow the Acquisition ATP.


Before the Acquisition ATP is approved, the appropriate CMO decision authority will approve the initial certification based on the chosen solution approach.  Additional information on CMO certification is in Appendix 4C.