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Software Acquisition Policy Change Log

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Each page in this pathway presents a wealth of curated knowledge from acquisition policies, guides, templates, training, reports, websites, case studies, and other resources. It also provides a framework for functional experts and practitioners across DoD to contribute to the collective knowledge base. This site aggregates official DoD policies, guides, references, and more.

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This page lists the major updates to the SWP Pathway pages:

    Sep 2022

    Jul 2022

    • Added Army Robotic Combat Vehicle Program MTA + SWP Hybrid AAF Pathway Approach Vignette to SWP Programs page
    • Updated SWP Templates page to include directly downloadable templates
    • Added Cost Analysis Requirements Description (CARD) Template to SWP Templates page

    Jun 2022

    May 2022

    Apr 2022

    • Added SWP Templates page
    • Added link to SWP CARD Template on Cost Estimation page
    • Added FAQ addressing meeting the one-year MVCR requirement
    • Minor updates to DBS in SWP page to address Business Process Reengineering
    • Consolidated and restructured resources from Cybersecurity and Architecture/Interoperability pages to Enterprise Services and DevSecOps page, and added additional DSO resources

    Mar 2022

    • Substantive updates to User Agreement guidance
    • Substantive updates to Contracting guidance
    • Substantive updates to PM Metrics guidance to include program metrics and EVM
    • Added DBS in SWP page
    • Added link to Test Strategy Template on Test Strategy page along with minor updates to Test guidance
    • Minor updates to CNS guidance
    • Published list of programs currently using the SWP
    • Added 20 FAQs
    • Added dozens of DevSecOps references on multiple pages
    • Minor updates and restructuring of content for enterprise services, security, and interoperability

    Oct 2021

    Jun 2021

    Dec 2020 –  Integrate new DODI 5000.87, DODI 5000.89, DODI 5000.73, and updated guidance on requirements, information requirements, and initial reporting

    Jan 2020  –  Launch of the Adaptive Acquisition Framework website, including the Software Acquisition Pathway