Urgent Capability Acquisition (UCA)


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Each page in this pathway presents a wealth of curated knowledge from acquisition policies, guides, templates, training, reports, websites, case studies, and other resources. It also provides a framework for functional experts and practitioners across DoD to contribute to the collective knowledge base. This site aggregates official DoD policies, guides, references, and more.

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Communities of Practice (COPs)

Joint Rapid Acquisition Community of Practice

Requirements Management Community of Practice

Recent UONs/JUONs/JEONs in the News

The following recent articles as examples of UONs, JUONs, and JEONs in the news.



“Army Flying Explosive Gets New Warhead and Radar to Destroy Drones,” Kris Osborn, 12 May 2020

“In First, MDA Remotely Launches a Missile,” Jen Judson, 30 August 2019



“New Counter Drone Strategy Hits Esper’s Desk,”  Theresa Hitchens, 15 October 2020

“Urgent Acquisition Effort Provides Safe COVID-19 Patient Transport in 95 Days,” C. Todd Lopez, 7 July 2020

“Roper Pushes Moving Project Maven to Air Force,” Theresa Hitchens, 11 June 2020

“AeroVironment Receives £63m Funded Contract from US Army for Switchblade Missile System,” Sam Lewis, 18 May 2020

“Negatively Pressurized Conex Determined Successful Proof of Concept,” 1st Lt. Savanah Bray, 8 May 2020

“AFRL Aircraft Decontamination Team Ramps Up Battle Against COVID-19,” Donna Lindner, 29 April 2020

“Negatively Pressurized Conex,”  video, April 2020

“USAF Testing Rapidly Developed System to Fly Infectious Patients,” Brian W. Everstine, 22 April 2020



“AN/APG-83 Scalable Agile Beam Radar (SABR) Upgrades Continue,” 19 October 2020

“U.S. Air Force Orders AESA Radar for F-16s,” David Donald, 3 March 2020

“Air National Guard F-16s First to Fly Fifth-Gen Radar,” Theresa Hitchens, 9 January 2020

“PEO Digital Sharpens Picture for Cheyenne Mountain Complex,” Benjamin Newell, 5 February 2019

“Air Force Buys Mysterious Israeli Weapon to Kill ISIS Drones,” Marcus Weisgerber, 23 February 2017

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