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Urgent Capability Acquisition Pathway Change Log

How To Use This Site

Each page in this pathway presents a wealth of curated knowledge from acquisition policies, guides, templates, training, reports, websites, case studies, and other resources. It also provides a framework for functional experts and practitioners across DoD to contribute to the collective knowledge base. This site aggregates official DoD policies, guides, references, and more.

DoD and Service policy is indicated by a BLUE vertical line.

Directly quoted material is preceeded with a link to the Reference Source.

This page lists the major updates to the UCA Pathway pages:

Dec 2020 –  Policy page updated to remove dates for ease of future updates and to remove now obsolete links, additional GAO reports added;  MDID-related material added to Development Milestone page and P&D Milestone page; three new copy-paste templates added to the Templates page; Resources page updated to add media stories and modify POC section; Test & Evaluation page added.

Nov 2020 — Updated Points of Contact page to update rank; added Key Briefings page to feature DAU’s UCA Pathway webinar separately from Resources page; updated Resources page to add new articles and success stories; expanded Best Practices Page to include virtual mentor interviews/scenarios with a Program Manager and a Contracting Officer; added Templates page to include templates for request for urgent need, D&F to use a letter contract, and letter contract templates for general, supplies, services, and construction.

Jun 2020 — Updated links on Policy page and added links to Cost and Information Technology instructions; added Cost instructions and Industrial Base Fund information to Funding page; added new Resources page; added new Points of Contact page; added Information Technology instructions to Disposition Decision page; added links to DAU UCA Pathway webinar to Resources and FAQs pages.

Apr 2020 – Added new questions to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and added links for answers to internal and external sources. Added page for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Jan 2020  –  Launch of the Adaptive Acquisition Framework website, including the UCA Pathway.