Contracting Cone

IDIQ (Single Award)

A new single award IDIQ contract containing the scope of products or services that can be ordered against it may be established and awarded to a single contractor. The base contract has no funding associated with it, and lays out the terms and conditions and pricing, applicable to any orders placed against the base contract.


Common Applications
  • All types of supplies and services, to include construction
  • Defense Business Systems
  • Solutions and technologies
  • IT software and products
  • IT systems
  • Weapon systems
  • Aircraft
  • Ships
  • Space systems
  • Research and development
  • Advisory and assistance services
  • Engineering services
  • Special Studies




Ability to establish set prices for products and services with single vendor significantly reduces procurement lead time at the ordering level Award to single vendor increases potential for vendor lock
Single vendor solution reduces burden on government to perform integration function Award to single vendor increases risk to cost, schedule, and performance risk if vendor is under-performing
Ability to offer agency wide ordering through an established IDIQ increases flexibility to meet various or mission needs quickly Processes to establish IDIQ traditionally have long procurement lead time to award
Ability to establish streamlined ordering procedures for future requirements reduces lead time to award

  • IDIQ contracts are awarded using FAR Part 15 procedures
  • IDIQ contract awards exceeding the threshold specified in FAR Part 16.504(c)(ii)(D) to a single source are prohibited unless head of the agency determines:
      • Task or delivery orders expected under the contract are so integrally related that only a single source can reasonably perform the work
      • The contract provides only for firm-fixed price (FAR Part 16.202) task or delivery orders for products for which unit prices are established in the contract or services for which prices are established in the contract for the specific tasks to be performed;
      • Only one source is qualified and capable of performing the work at a reasonable price to the Government; or
      • It is necessary in the public interest to award the contract to a single source due to exceptional circumstances.