Contracting Cone

Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA)


Contract, agreement, or memorandum of understanding with non-profit partnership intermediary to engage academia and industry on behalf of government to accelerate tech transfer and licensing.

Common Applications
  • Services to facilitate technology transfer to private sector
  • Used by government labs to increase likelihood of success in conducting cooperative or joint activities with small business firms and institutions of higher education to make use of technology-related assistance from a government lab




Enables Government to pay for services to support technology transfer Authority available only to government labs
Partnership intermediaries can function as objective third-party brokers between government and industry to increase opportunity for commercialization of new capability Complexity to negotiate and execute increases time to establish agreement
Partnership intermediaries can engage in proactive marketing of lab technologies to industry to enable tech transition/tech insertion  



  • Partnership intermediary means an agency of a state or local gov, or a nonprofit entity owned in whole or in part by, chartered by, funded in whole or in part by, or operated in whole or in part by or on behalf of a State or local Government, that assists, counsels, advises, evaluates, or otherwise cooperates with small business firms and institutions of higher education.