Contracting Cone

TheĀ Contracting Cone outlines the full spectrum of available FAR and Non-FAR contract strategies. The supporting materials provide details about each contracting strategy, to enable collaborative discussions to select the right strategy based on environment, constraints, and desired outcomes. The goal of the interactive graphic below is to provide visibility into new or lesser known strategies and ensure the full range of contract strategies are considered.

Click on the strategies in the Contracting Cone to explore the details!

FAR Based FAR 8.4 - Task Order/Delivery Order FAR 8.4 - Blanket Purchase Agreement Fed Supply Schedule (FAR 8.4) Commerical Items (FAR 12) FAR 13 - Micro Purchase FAR 13 - Purchase Order FAR 13 - Blanket Purchase Agreement Simplified Acquisition (FAR 13) Negotiated Contracts (FAR 15) FAR 16.5 - Single Award FAR 16.5 - Multiple Award IDIQ (FAR 16.5) Letter Contract (FAR 16.603) FAR 16.7 - Basic Agreement FAR 16.7 - Basic Ordering Agreement Agreements (FAR 16.7) FAR 19 - Set-Aside FAR 19 - Direct 8a Small Business (FAR 19) Broad Agency Announcement (FAR 35.016) SBIR/STTR (15 USC638) Commercial Solutions Opening (DFARS 212.2) Research (10 USC 4021) Prototype (10 USC 4022) Other Transactions Procurement for Experiments (10 USC 4023) CRADA (15 USC 3710a) PIA (15 USC 3715) TIA (32 CFR Part 37) R&D Agreements Non-FAR

See the various acquisition pathways in the Adaptive Acquisition Framework.